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Buh-Bye Tan of Our Lives

Sep 27 2012, 11:30 AM
I have been angry about how the show has been handled, and that's actually kept me following things, but anger is moving into not caring. The show is dull. I don't generally quit watching because I'm angry. I quit watching because I'm bored. Of course, I'm usually angry in the first place because I think things are headed down the boring path. I just don't understand why anyone would care about any of this junk, except maybe people being upset about Nicole's baby, but as they aren't playing the baby as angst with Nicole and the father, the whole thing's rather empty to me too, even more empty as I don't care about Ejole in the first place because I never bought that EJ ever loved her, but I don't like dead baby stories in general. If it's going to be depressing enough to involve a dead kid, it better have the emotionally charged, dramatic fall out to make it worth the depressing factor, and I see little drama here. Oh my, will Nicole pretend the baby's still alive to keep Daniel? I don't care. It doesn't matter to me. And anyway, I rather doubt it's actually dead, and if it's not, what dramatic purpose does it serve? Maybe if this were an EJole story, but I don't think it is, and like I said, if it were, I wouldn't care anyway.

This show had Matt Ashford's Jack Deveraux, arguably Days' most complex character, coming in with huge story potential, and really the best story potential I've seen for Jack and Jennifer since their initial run too, and it was completely wasted. Jack was barely seen and promptly tossed. And for what? For Dannifer? Really? Dannifer is one of the least enchanting romances I've ever seen, and Dan is among the weakest of characters. Shoot, Safe is dull too, but I think they beat Dannifer. Safe at least had some amount of build. Dannifer had a couple of dates, and the show has fallen back on their original no build romance to propel their apparent lingering feelings now, even so much lingering that Jennifer cares more about protecting Dan from his own stupid choices than the death of the guy she's loved over half of her life! It's just stupid! Look at this show! Dan and Rafe Dan and Rafe. How boring! So much screen time for these two pathetic excuses for characters? Why? I don't care if they're good looking. There are plenty of good looks on this show but very, very few interesting characters. How are two such generic wastes of space still on the show? I don't care if Daniel's problem is that he's been mishandled by too many different writing teams. Not a single one of them did a thing to give the guy any real depth. I don't think I've ever seen characters as boring and weak as Dan and Rafe remain front and center on this show for as long as they have. It's amazing to me.

Anyway, I don't care if pacing is better or whatever, because I don't care about these characters. I've been driven to stop caring about even Jennifer, whom I have loved since I was a child. But now she's nothing like the character I used to love. I think the show is garbage, and I'm just having to accept that I'll have to choose to love the stories and characters I once loved and forget this current drivel. Perhaps Nick will manage to be interesting, but not interesting enough to make up for having to slog through so much Dan, Rafe, podJennifer etc. I'm bored with EJ and Sami at this point too. There's only so many times you can merry-go-round with characters until you stop believing them at all.

I think I'm turning in my Days card. I know some are hanging on for ED, but though I thought the Kristen/Susan thing was rather cute, Kristen just isn't a character that ever grabbed my heart. Their appeal for me was more just silly novelty, not anything of real substance.
I don't blame you...I feel EXACTLY the same way.

I am literally hanging on by the thinnest of threads...and that thread is named Eileen Davidson.

If she had not returned, DAYS would have been MONTHS in my rearview mirror.

I am going to see what TomSell has planned for Kristen...if it is even a HAIR close to what they have done to the rest of the show...I am out and out for good...I just don't care anymore and I have only been able to partially stomach 2 EPISODES this entire month....

The show is pure crap...its is PAINFUL and I hope for its cancellation if it continues to turn out the shit it has been trying to pass as entertainment. The show is BEYOND boring...PAINFULLY and MADDENING boring.

I did not start watching this show 20+ years ago to watch characters like Rafe, Daniel and Melanie control frontburner storyline.
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