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Sep 27 2012, 12:40 PM
Sep 27 2012, 12:36 PM
The key to this article is the doctor is a substitute. A substitute I would ask arranged by whom?? Then it's not clear or actually missing all together once Nicole is told the baby is dead what is done to remove the baby from Nicole's body. I think she is to far along to give her a pill and send her home, it would seem they should induce delivery while she's there in the hospital, especially if the baby is really alive. But then I can't imagine Nicole would not want to see her baby boy after delivery. I have seen no spoilers or articles that covers these kind of details.
yes nicoles baby would be a stillborn and you'd think she would want to hold him and tell him goodbye.I still find it odd that if they was going to kill it off they didn't do at daysdiaster or with a fall down the stairs in a fight with jennifer
That may be why she chooses to go home rather than induce labor. She could setup another fight with Jennifer to make her look responsible. I certainly wouldn't put it past Tomlin.
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