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Sep 27 2012, 12:31 PM
Oh for fuck's sakes this has NOTHING. ZERO. ZIP. to do with Jack. Period. This is about Jennifer being a nosy, hypocritical bitch. And fuck you Tomlin for killing Nicole's son just to prop your worthless, chemistry-free couple. :flipoff:
Don't forget needy, jealous, and desperate too. The same things driving Nicole are driving Jen-Jen--I'm just embarrassed that two women are losing their shit over a shallow, worthless, love 'em and leave 'em Lothario like Daniel.

I miss Jack like blazes, but he's better off out of this clusterfuck for now. In my mind, he's recovering from his injuries far from Salem, with no memory of who he is. And Bitchifer isn't there nagging him to recover on her timetable rather than his own.
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