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Sep 27 2012, 01:29 PM
Almost missed this one! Pays to go through the magazine a 2nd time, lol.
it's easy to miss an article about someone else, when all the articles in the past few weeks have been about the same sets of characters - Sami/EJ/Rafe, Gabi/Nick/Mel/Chad, Nicole/Rafe/Dan/Jen.
While this story is ridiculous & would've made sense years & years ago, & not after Bo had even been the commissioner, i'm glad it's "important" (note the quotes, since i'm sure that when these scenes air, each episode will be lucky to spend 5-7 min on the story) enough to have an article about it. Not to mention that Bo quit the force once before when he wanted to go after Vin Ramsell. And i know that he came back because of all the "murders", but if he really didn't want to be a cop, he didn't have to keep his job post-Melaswen. This whole "Bo has a dream he hasn't had a chance to live out" crap is just that - crap... that came out of left field. I just hope that whatever this "dream" Bo supposedly wants to live out makes sense & has a damn good reasoning for why Hope & Ciara don't go with him!
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