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Friday, September 28th

Lucas talks to Adrienne at the coffee place
she says im sorry for what i said
lucas says i get it i do and to be honest im not so sure you were wrong
sonny wont be back for awhile so now is a good time for us to talk about it. I know you were back and forth
about whether sonny and Will should get together i feel in your heart you feel the same way i do
i think they should not do it
she says you dont want your son to get involved with my son ?

Sami tells Will her date wasnt a date rafe made it clear it meant nothing to him
Will says a few weeks ago you we re asking me about Ej
and now you are dating rafe
she says i know im a train wreck
but this isnt not my fault
rafe was leading me down the garden path and then he backed up off the highway
he broke my heart again

Ej tells rafe he knows what his sister did to Melanie and his brother
now what are we going to do about it?
Rafe says What are we going to do about it?
EJ says this is not some little adolescent prank, there are some very serious legal issues here, she isnt going to get a little slap on the wrist
she will be going away for a very long time
unless we can come to some sort of arrangement

gabi tells Justin she is scared
someone knows what i did and he use to be my friend and he turned against me when he found out what i did

Brady comes to see chad
he tells him the wedding is off
congratulate yourself
its what you and half the town wanted

melanie comes home
to find her dad and grandma worried about her
she said she is leaving salem today

Ej says chad was a witness to Andrews death bed declaration
you sister was indicted by his final words , which you know is
admissible in a court of law
do you have anything you want to add to that
rafe says it seems like you have a lot to say
Ej laughs and says the only thing i need to say is go
when i say that to
chad he will take what he knows to the Da, who will file charges against your sister, i think its a pretty air
tight case
you would know in your line of work
of course it would be a moot point if chad doesnt say anything in your sister immoral wanton act would go unpunished
and you will be free to spend the rest of your life helping her reform
so whats it going to be?

Lucas says i thought you were dead set on Will and sonny not getting together
she says she is not against it
he says i thought you said Will was all wrong for sonny
she says it was a knee jerk reaction
i worried Will had too much baggage
lucas says what kind of baggage , having me as a father ?
She says and sami as a mother

sami says rafe broke my heart, he made me think he wanted to try again and then he didnt want to try again
will says maybe he got cold feet after what he went through with you and dad and EJ?
She says this hurt my feelings and you are taking rafes side
Will says im not taking rafes side
saying he is having a hard time moving past everything
and you expected him to get over it
she says i thought we had a chance of working things out
Will says maybe you pushed too hard, guys dont like that so back off see how it plays out
sami says he made it clear it was over

Ej says if i elect to have chad and Melanie to keep what they know about your sister to themselves
they will comply
rafe says get to the punch line ej
ej says you mean the price tag for the collective silence
i think you already know what that is
rafe says sami?

Mel says I decided to go visit my mom
she is at a business conference in Barcelona
dan says sounds great
mel says if i take a plane tonight i can be there tomorrow morning, her conference will be done and we can drive all over Spain
she is taking time off and i need a vacation
maggie says its just a vacation?
Mel says yes and no
i needed to get away from here for awhile , i should have done it before things got out of hand

brady says he isnt happy they broke up
just didnt think they should get married so fast
chad says i made some mistakes i admit that
but im not the only one who made them

gabi tells Justin everything
she says i told mel the truth and i know what i did was wrong and i know i have to face the consequences
he says you are looking at 3 very serious charges,obstruction of justice, conspiracy , making false statement to the police ,,if convicted you could get
10 years in prison

lucas says says what ever you want about me or sami
but Will is a great kid
she says im not saying he isnt
Lucas says sonny is back and
we have to talk
she says but not here
he says im not through lets find some place else
she says neither am i
they leave

Will says to sami
maybe you blew everything out of proportion and rafe wasnt sending you mixed signals
she says he was totally cold , distracted
its like he looked right through me
Will says maybe you walked in on his bad mood and it might not have anything to do with you
she says what do i do
he says were you born yesterday
talk to him says whats up?

EJ says its boils down to this
ill make sure my brother does not give testimony to a grand jury
thereby keeping your sister out of prison for the next 20 years or so
rafe says if?
Ej says if you give up Samantha to me

sami says rafe did tell me he was distracted and he said it wasnt a good time for him
i went to see him, this time he should come to see me
im supposed to be concentrating on you and my work
im not supposed to be having relationship dramas
im going to work and if he wants to see me he can come find me there
Will says you are playing a game with him, if you want this to work ,find him and tell him the truth
say are we going to do this or not
you both need to grow up
she says listen to you mr. relationship expert all of a sudden
he says not at all but i do know how not to do things by watching you
he leaves

gabi says oh my god no no
i know i did horrible things
he says you with held important information from the police about a crime, you lied to them more than once
she says i tried to save mel i didnt want anybody to get hurt
he says you plotted for weeks with Andrew , there is probably voice mails and text messages the evidence against you is overwhelming
she says Melanie said she wouldnt
testify against me
he says she might not have a choice
if she is subpoenaed and she isnt the only witness there is chad
she says that would be the worse part
he is out out to get me

chad says mel has always been a humble person
says she isnt perfect
so why should everyone else have to be perfect including me
she knows we have our weakness she is very forgiving , look what she did for Nick and what i did to her
its not like im a criminal
she is just raw from everything
no one wanted us to get married in the first place,,,things can change
brady says yeah they usually do
chad says i love her
mel will realize thats all that matters

Maggie says this was sudden but it might be good for you to get away
dan says i will miss you more than you know and its not going to be forever
you will be back
she say of course i will

Lucas and Adrienne go to the square
Lucas says Sonny is more experienced than Will and
Will is vulnerable and sonny is moving fast
i saw them together twice and they were moving fast
they were kissing each other
she says kissing is rushing things?
What are we talking about?
I think you are uncomfortable that your son was kissing another guy
and you are pretending you are ok with it but you arent, i think you are uncomfortable with your son being gay
Will is listening behind the plant

Ej says you love you sister
you still love Samantha
you have to chose between them
who matters most to you?

Rafe says you know damn well im not going to put a value on my sister or sami for anyone,,, especially you
EJ says then you leave me no choice
gabi comes banging on the door
rafe opens it
gabi says im sorry i didnt know you were busy
Ej says its alright
your brother and i we just had police business, we had to take care of
we are finished he has given me his answer
he leaves

sami is at work
on the phone
says if rafe calls put him through
its about business
flashback of the kiss
she leaves work

rafe says i was talking to ej about some thing else not the business with chad
she says Justin said i could go to prison for a long time
he says thats the lawyers job
its not usually as bad as they say
she says it sounded bad
and the person who can make me go to prison already hates me
he says chad
dont worry about this
im going to take care of it

ej comes to see chad
chad says you look pleased with yourself
Ej says i have everything under control
its always a good feeling

mel gets her bags ready
knock on the door
its Brady
he comes in says its true
mel says who told you ?
He says chad told me
dan leaves them alone
mel says you look mad
he says were you going to leave town without telling me
she says i have to do this for myself
its hard for me
i have to leave all the people i love ,you included
tell me everything is going to be ok
they hug

Lucas says dont do that
im not an old fashioned dad who doesnt know whats going on these days
im perfectly clear that my son is gay but seeing him making out in public with another guy
maybe you and justin are use to that but im not ,its going to take me some time
she says your son is still the same sweet kid he always was
he says how do you know i wouldnt feel the same if he was in a serious relationship with a girl at his age
she says are you going to pretend that your melt down at seeing will and sonny kiss ,wasnt about the fact that they are 2 guys?
He says well no
i dont think they should
she says what be happy in love
what shouldnt they be ?
he says i dont know
she says thats the first honest answer i heard from you
i was wrong to let my feelings about you and sami influence my feelings about Will
he might be the perfect boyfriend for sonny
he is smart and kind , a great kid
you should be proud
he says i am proud
she says i know you are
they might fall for each other
and with the way this country is changing , who knows we might be in laws you and i
put that in your pipe and smoke it baby
she leaves
Will walks out from behind the plant
lucas asks how long was he there
Will says long enough
lucas says that was not my finest moment as a father
but i love you, i want to protect you
Will says from having a boyfriend
lucas says im not a homophobe dont go there
Will says im not going there , you already pulled in and parked
lucas says im not going to justify my feelings they are what they are
and you probably hate me right now
go let me have it , i have earned it

mel says i cant be with chad if thats the kind of man he is
beating nick up
brady says chad didnt mention that part when i went to see him
as if you havent been through enough
she says as if you havent and i am abandoning you
he says im relieved, one less person hoovering over me is going to be better for me
she says im going to miss your loving sarcastic wit
he says im going to miss everything about you
you will always have my friendship
she cries they hug

chad says all i care about right now is Melanie
EJ says yeah for now
chad says not for now forever what is under control what ever it is, it better not get in the way of me and melanie
do you understand me?

rafe is out of the shower
wearing nothing by a towel
sami comes to the door
he opens it
she smiles

Will says sorry to disappoint you again but im not going to yell at you , im not mad just sad
lucas says i would rather you be angry
we love each other
we can work this out
Will says how ?you dont see who i really am or maybe you do and you just dont like it
whats there to work out
he walks away

Justin and Adrienne at home
says she just stood up for sonny and will
bigots are everywhere, sometimes where you least expect them
any reservations i had about will being with sonny
i realized i was being unfair and judgemental where i had no right to be
and i fee real good about them right now
sonny says cuz you want me to be happy?
You know what they say you can chose your friends and boyfriends but you cant chose your family
i just got lucky

dan comes back and gives mel her coffee
she says the last time you got me one of these i was so mad at you
you were hovering
im going to miss that
he says im going to miss you
she cries and they hug
he says im still going to hover and text you and Skype you
you will never get rid of me
Maggie comes out
and melanie gives her , her engagement ring and tells her to return it to chad
dan says you should do that youself
she says no i cant
maggie takes it
they both cry

ej says the only person im trying to protect is my brother
chad says all i wanted you to do was to keep melanie from leaving town
what the hell else have you been
doing for me but that?
EJ says i will go and find mel right now and deal with it
chad says now you remember now you get it great
Ej says i know what its like to be so obsessed with some little girl that the whole world seems to fall away
ill fix it
he leaves

rafe got dressed and came out of the bedroom
sami says were you in a bad mood this morning or was it because of me
i was wondering all day
if it was something i said or if i did something to upset you or
was i over reacting as usual
i was thinking about i would like to start today over

mel gets ready to leave
Maggie is going to take her to the airport
dan says he is going to say goodbye there
more hugs and tears
she leaves
Maggie tells her outside the apartment her dad made the right decision saying good bye here
mel says she will miss her dad and brady so much but saying goodbye to her is whats going to hurt the most
Maggie tells her how proud she is of the woman she has become
they talk for a bit
more crying
maggie say this isnt goodbye
because you are in my heart

lucas says i know you are upset but i still love you
Will says you dont even know how that sounds do you , you still love me
Lucas says i didnt mean it like that it came out wrong
Will says you meant you still love me even though you dont want me to be gay, thats fine but im not going to change
but if you dont change who you are about this
we dont have anything to say to each other
Will leaves

gabi is about to come into the square
but she sees chad running by

dan is about to leave and ej is at his door
he says i was just heading out
Ej says im not here to see you i would like to speak to your daughter please dan says you cant, she is gone

sami says you arent saying anything
its not just today
the whole thing i would like to start over,,,so what do you say to that?
rafe says i dont think so
its not going to work
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