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Well you know, every scene that Bo and Hope have? I'm thinking to myself "this is exactly what is going on for real, with Peter Reckell." Am I the only one who thinks that? I mean, it's almost exactly the same things he has said in interviews....

It does make sense that since he is a senior detective, he's making a lot more money than Rafe...........who was just rehired a bit ago. So Rafe may already be at the low end of the pay scale. If they are going to have a budget crisis and cut police salaries, they are most likely going to go to the guys making the most money. Besides, in both cases it doesn't appear to be about the money.

I don't really care, I'm looking at this as a long vacation for Peter. I expect him to be back after six to twelve months or so. And I wouldn't buy a breakup with Hope at this point any more than I will ever accept Jennifer with anyone but Jack. If Kristian is happy being back-burnered, which she evidently is, then I say more power to her. She can spend more time with her family, who she seems to adore, work on her jewelry line, which she seems to adore, and still make some money to help pay the bills. What's not to like? I'm counting on Peter feeling the same way after he's had some time off.

I'd feel the same way about Matthew Ashford as well, (that he is "on a break") except that for some inexplicable reason they don't seem to value him like they should. And they have ruined Jennifer for me to the point that I don't know how they could bring him back and make it believable. Such a shame, when they could have had the best storyline in YEARS if they had only written the Jack's return/PTSD/Jenn dealing with all of it correctly. I don't find this whole Jennifer/Daniel thing even remotely believable, and furthermore they are about minus 10 on the chemistry scale. Zilch, nada, zip.

At least with Nicole there was some heat, you know?
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