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Sep 27 2012, 02:06 PM
So when Peter leaves the show, are we just supposed to believe Bo is a stay at home dad that we never see? Or is there more to his exit then this clusterfuck?
i think Bo physically leaves Salem. If he turned into the new Mickey, i'd be very annoyed. At least with Bo out somewhere doing something, Hope is able to do more. Maybe she'll even meet someone new (this would require TomSell to actually write for Hope/Kristian & not just use her as a prop, and also bring in a new character) & maybe even fall for him. Then you could have Hope torn between staying faithful & loyal to Bo, who she hasn't seen/talked to in forever, and moving on with this new guy, since technically, she & Bo aren't married (the whole John/Hope thing seems to be the only MarDar thing TomSell didn't undo as soon as they took over, though they did kinda just ignore it... at least for the time being).
We know from Kristian's recent interviews that Bo is still alive.
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