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Looking forward to Lucas/Adrienne, Lucas/Will, Sonny/Adrienne/Justin.

I like EJ as this almost gleeful manipulator. LOL. I think I like him best this way.

I do like how the characters try to explain their actions and actually take time to talk about themselves, etc. Even if we don't like the storyline or the character, we can see where they are coming from, mostly. It's still far from perfect, of course.

I like that we see a lot of character interaction, too, even if it's brief. I like it. Makes Salem feel more like a community. Again, not perfect but better.

However, I really hope things "pick up" because while some of the episodes have been decent, I'm becoming really bored. I just don't know how much more of Sami panting after Rafe I can take, but I do like some of what is being written for Sami. She's selfish, insecure, childish. She always will be. I do feel she's more mature but at times I do feel like she's still written as a teenager. I really think they don't know which way to take Sami anymore. Heroine sure as hell didn't work and they can't regress her back into the scheming bitch she once was, though at one time I felt like they should, but I feel that ship has sailed.

EDIT: I agree about Lucas though. I do think his reaction is realistic, honestly I do, but I also worry that it's only because Tomlin isn't interested in Lucas, however, there really wouldn't be a need to trash the character, they could have just written Lucas out. I'm actually really surprised Bryan is still here, though I doubt Tomlin can really say or not whether Bryan should stay or go. He can always just write crap for the character, which I dread. Please prove me wrong Tomlin!
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