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Sep 27 2012, 02:44 PM
Sep 27 2012, 02:40 PM
Will's attitude doesn't surprise me at all. He's been a jerk to his dad from the very beginning since Lucas came back to Salem. So basically he'll find any excuse at this point to be mad at him. Lucas' reaction is very realistic and he's being honest. He's not shunning Will and not disowning him. He's just uncomfortable seeing two guys making out and being a couple that's all and it will take some getting used to. Looks like Adrienne understands too. I really like this conversation and it doesn't make Lucas look bad at all. I don't feel even the slightest bit of sympathy for Will nor have I ever. Being gay does not make him a martyr. He's still a little ungrateful prick to his dad and that hasn't changed. Plus when the Wabi baby news comes out, watch Lucas support Will of course while Justin and Adrienne flip, lol.
So what you're saying is that Will should be grateful to his dad for not accepting him? THAT is nonsense! Sure, Will has been a brat before, but he has every right to be mad at Lucas now. Just a few weeks ago, Lucas told Will that he accepted him and loved him, and now he is wishing that Will isn't gay. I don't understand how this is Will's fault.
Will has been ungrateful to Lucas for many things. The months of EJ worship proved that. He didn't care that his dad went to jail for him and sacrificed everything for him. And he didn't care about his dad's feelings at all when he helped Sami go on the run with EJ. Will can be mad at Lucas all he wants but this is just consistent with every single other reason he found to be mad at Lucas. Will hasn't treated Lucas with even an ounce of respect since he came back to Salem. Sure he can be mad but that doesn't excuse that in general he's treated his dad like crap for months for no reason. Lucas loves Will and accepts that he's gay but that doesn't mean that when he actually witnesses the PDA he's not going to have issues. That's just as realistic as Will being angry now. I feel for Lucas in this situation. If I cared about Will, I'd feel for him but other than the fact that he's a Lumi baby, Will sucks and I can't stand him. And he will break Sonny's heart into tiny little pieces and feed them to the vultures. Rest assured that will happen, lol.
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