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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

On one hand I like that they are giving Lucas something to do as I feared that we would get the once every two week token scene and be done with it now that he's out of Sami's orbit.....but I don't trust Tomlin to not fuck up Lucas intentionally here in order to make Rafe and others look wonderful.

I said this yesterday, I would prefer to have Lucas speak to Justin next and you know, he could love and accept that his son is gay but STILL feel uncomfortable at seeing him kissing another man. What I don't like is Will's attitude toward his father and Lucas not getting a chance to talk to Sonny's dad about how he came to terms with what Lucas is going through now, and then Adrienne is given this dialogue:


bigots are everywhere, sometimes where you least expect them

She says this after the conversation with Lucas and I don't like this type of dialogue because as much as the audience might understand how Lucas feels it will only be good if Lucas accepts this without being labeled a bigot or a homophobe before he accepts it.

It's sort of a strange feeling for me as a BD fan, this can give Bryan some really good material but if he's going to be painted as the bigot homophobe here then it's just stupid. I think it's rather realistic for parents of kids that come out to be spoofed when they witness their son/daughter engaged in PDA with their same sex partner, especially for the first time, and it'll take them some time to adjust to the thought of seeing that and not letting it bother them. You know, it's strange to have to witness my teenage son making out with a female now, so why can't Lucas feel the same way? I understand where Lucas is coming from but I also don't like the writing for Will opposite Lucas.....and I get that there is a mayor bombshell that will happen likely soon and probably flip the sides and maybe then Will and Lucas will grow closer, but Will and Lucas were always very close and the writing bothers me...maybe it's just the person that is writing it and my lack of trust of that person that bothers me more than the actual writing, lol.....
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