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:applause: IA its OOC.

I wanted to like GH, but it's too frenetic for me now with RC as head writer. Same problem I had with him as head of OLTL. Too many new characters and too much camp. Stories move so fast that it's more about plot than characters. The characters aren't as schizophrenic as DOOL - but I wish the show would take a breath.

There are some characters, scenes, moments that I really like - but they aren't touched on again for days or weeks - so I can't settle into the show. I skim to see if one of the characters/stories I like are like are on - usually not - and so I skip.

I've made peace that the kind of soaps I loved aren't ever coming back. But I'm glad some fans like GH. Personally, I think people are excited by GH, because the other soaps are so crappy that GH looks good in comparison.

Funny, I'm in the favored demo - but I feel old. Because I miss the "good old days" when I could get hooked on almost any of the soaps at any given time. They were all really good.
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