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The only reason Sharon didn't become a stripper is because Nick gave her a job at Newmans.

"Soon Sharon decided to become a stripper, so Nick had to give her a job at Newman Enterprises so as not to embarrass the family."

In an interview with Nelson Branco The Young and the Restless star Sharon Case reveals that she'd like to see more casual nudity on the No. 1 rated soap.

By Luke Kerr on April 30, 2009
SC: Itís nice that there is a lot more sex on the show now. Iíd like the show to film more casual nudity scenes. Weíre only Ďnudeí when our characters are involved in sex scenes. In movies, characters have conversations in various states of undress. Why canít we have Sharon partially nude in the bathroom brushing her teeth while she talks to Nick? Itís very natural, and makes the audience feel like they are spying on the characters. Here I am sounding like Iím some nudist freak. [Laughs]"

She likes seeing herself nude. Not saying JM, or MM, or even EB would want that.
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