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Queen B
Sep 28 2012, 04:41 PM
nuNoah is hot as hell, and a much better actor then that other shit head that was playing him before.

Gosh, I'm feeling awful for Sharon. I know, i'm a sucker but I hate seeing her in a jail cell away from Noah and Faith once again. And why the FUCK was that BITCH Avery sitting on the couch with Faith and Nick celebrating Faith's bday? Bitch get the fuck out, Sharon should be there with her family not you. I know I said I like Avery but all she fucking does is bad mouth Sharon and put her filthy hands all over Nick and Faith, Get the fuck out bitch!!!!!!!!

Phyllis and Ronan finally made out and yes, there was tongue. Phonan is hot, I have to admit. I'm definitely rooting for them now.

Victor is gonna propose to Nikki again, whatevaaaaaa.... NEXT

Daniel & Heather scenes were puke worthy once again.

I did enjoy Jack/Gen scenes, but we all know they won't be getting together for too long since GF is out. Tucker can go fuck himself also, I'm glad Sharon was able to give him the rundown today even though she was behind bars. Fucking sleeze bag, I want him out next along with GenV

The episode was good overall.. I'm noticing more and more changes, I know JFP must be editing this stuff. The lighting looks better, it almost looks like you can see buildings, trees etc outside of the windows, it looks much more realistic. I can't wait to see what JFP has to offer as time goes on. Its starting to remind me more and more of how the show looked in 2000-2001
Dang! you got me excited for this ep now. I was looking fwd to NuNoah cuz that other one was just boring as hell. I even like that other brown haired guy who played him for what seemed like 2 months better than KS.

And it has Phonan in it too!! :cheer:
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