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I would like to know who told Nikki that she can just gallop her sorry ass into Sharon's house and pull a checkbook out of her tits. Really $1 to $2 million dollars that is chump change to Sharon after all she was married to Nick, Adam, Jack, and Victor men who have well over $2 million dollars and she never took any of their money so why would she want Nikki's stripper money.

So Nikki had that kind of money all this time and she hasn't once bothered to get herself her own house too busy free loading off Jack and Billy & Victoria. Wow what a proud freeloader. Whatever Nikki put that money back into your g-string because Sharon just laughed at that offer.

Doris is one of the worst mothers I've ever seen Why is she offering Sharon a place to stay now? Sharon is right, whenever Sharon reaches out to Doris all she does is talk down to Sharon and belittle her. Why isn't Doris going to Victor and venting her frustrations out on him and the other Newmans for treating her daughter like shit? She knew Sharon was crying out for help but didn't bother to show up then so why bother now. She needs to keep her sorry ass where she came from because she's just useless.

For Lauren to sit there with that tired ugly hairstyle saying people like Sharon get what they deserve. Well same can be said for you Lauren in regards to Sheila because there were times during her feud with Sheila that Lauren would approach Sheila and start her bullshit when Sheila wasn't bothering Lauren. Here we go again with Lauren in freak out mode over Sheila again, seriously this chick just needs to check herself into a mental hospital.
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