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Sep 28 2012, 07:55 PM
Sep 28 2012, 07:29 PM
I've been so good lately not to watch the epis, but I still love to read DR!

Let's dicuss the following Quote: jen yells how can you say that, i have feelings for another man when my husband just died

1) glaring point is 'husband" she divorced him, Jack was her ex-husband---

2) Could they have had an off-screen wedding,---When Jack's personal affects were returned to her, there was a wedding band amongst the items? lame, but possible

3) the stuff about having feelings for another man, since her 'husband just died,' is realy a WTF comment. Jennifer had feelings for another man when her 'husband- technical ex-husband, but who cares" was not dead. and when he came back... not only did she still have feelings for Dan, she was feeling him up at every chance she got, making Jack watch it, it was sick and twisted then, just as it is now.

4)IMO, Jennifer Horton was just as much a bitch then as she is now.

5)In her defence... don't get too excited...in her little defence.... I do believe a person can find true love more than once in their lifetime... so Dan might be it, its just the fact that he saved her life was so undramatic, it doesn't come close to what the real Jennifer should have felt for Jack Deveraux, when he came home and needed her to help him get through a rough time in his life. FYI... Jack saved Jennifer more times than I can count and now I firmly believe, more times than he should have.
As I recall, Jack saved Jennifer's life by hanging onto her car as it dangled over a bridge, until she managed to climb out. I seem to remember a second time when she was dangling from a cliff and he rescued her then too.

Daniel saved Jennifer's life--once--by doing his job as a surgeon. He'd have done it for anyone in the same situation, and it cost him absolutely nothing.

And yet T&W are stupid enough to think the latter outweighs the former. Or that their audience has a memory shorter than the life of the average fruit fly.

I swear, if Jack turns up alive, I want him to be in love with a woman who saved his life and to say so repeatedly. In Jennifer's hearing, so she can get a taste of her own medicine.
always annoyed me that jack wasn't allowed to move on while jenn had like five or six men remeber when brandon colin and jack was chasing her
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