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Sep 28 2012, 04:04 PM
Sep 28 2012, 03:24 PM
Miss Rhi
Sep 28 2012, 01:17 PM
He seems to be able to do what he wants at SOC.
I was banned at SOC because I disagreed with him. He argued me down that Ashley wasn't pregnant when Adam caused her to lose the baby. This is one actor that I will express my dislike openly and that is something I don't like to do. But MM made it personal. He even started DMing me on twitter, which led to me blocking his over-sized ego behind.
You should make those DM's public, LOL
I didn't block him but what he did to Rachelle was disgusting to say the least. What she said on SOC was exactly right and it came across the way she posted to so many people. He was pissed that it didn't come off the way he intended and started crap that led to Rachelle being banned. Before he came to that board it had some lively moments. I loved some of the nicknames people called the characters. Mumbles, Mustache, Adumb, Lady Godiva, etc. If they were hateful and directed at the actor I understood them having a policy against that but it was all taken away because MM decided how HE wanted that board to operate. I'm just sorry the board owner caved to him. Sucked the life out of the board for sure.
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