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One of our favorites stopped by the podcast today to promote the season premiere of “Revenge.” Gabriel Mann, who plays Nolan Ross, spoke about the some of the new faces in the Hamptons and some tidbits of what we can possibly expect:

“I had no idea that they were going to be throwing some of these storylines toward us, and that is the beauty and dark genius of our creative team on the show. It wouldn’t be the Hamptons if there weren’t some new interlopers coming in to either cause trouble or bring the sexy. I’d say they are doing both in spades this year. We have Mr. Barry Sloane as Aiden, a blast from Emily’s past, and then we have Dilshad Vadsaria from “GREEK,” who may or may not have some involvement in NOLCORP and Nolan (laughs).”

Last season, we saw more of Nolan on the mellow side to where he was not defending himself when needed. Expect to see more of an “evolved” Nolan Ross this go-around:

“Nolan’s evolving in this world, and I don’t think Nolan is looking to having his ass whooped over and over and over again. That was something that was funny last season, as a lot of viewers and some social media feedback I got were, ‘Come on, Nolan. Kick some ass!’ The writers were kind enough to factor that into the equation for this new season. I think it will be interesting to see a progressively emerging, slightly edgier, and slightly tougher Nolan. We will also get to see more of the inner workings of how his company works, and how that may figure into some plot developments this season.”

One thing that you can expect to continue this season is that Nolan and Emily’s relationship will continue to be complicated.

“I will tease that the emergence of Barry Sloane (Aiden) on the show is going to create some slight complications for the Nolan/Emily relationship. I think Nolan is used to being her sole confidant, and here is this other guy who knows who she really is, and let’s just say…..there might not be enough room for both us. As of now, I will say that Nolan and Aiden will be best friends.”

To download the full podcast, where Gabriel Mann chats about the addition of Jennifer Jason Leigh as Emily’s mother, as well as his work on the Inide film, “Chavez,” download or click the link below.


The season premiere of “Revenge” airs this Sunday, September 30, 2012 at 9/8c on ABC. Also, look for Gabriel Mann to live tweet the east coast premiere at: @Gabriel_Mann
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