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If Victor chooses to let the bitterness between he and Billy go, that's his choice. But why should he let Sharon off the hook free and clear for what she's done? If Sharon wanted to make NE thrive, she should have let Nick/Vikki run it. Those who have experience outside of just wearing cosmetics. No, she thought she was CEO material because her last name was Newman.
She didn't search for him, and she fired those that were. She was pissed so she gave away expensive horses. Stole from Chelsea, jewelry store, Kyle, Summer because she wanted to, then tried to cry that she was set up. She was committing adultery, sleeping with the enemy. Because of her lack of brains and ineptitude in business, Newman stock sunk like a lead turd.

Still think Sharon is innocent and misunderstood? She's a flake, a failure in every sense of the word.
Piss poor wife, mother, daughter,stepmother, in-law.
Yes, Phyllis fucked up too. 20+ years ago. She should be punished but not near like Sharon should and will be.
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