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I'd keep things how they're going with Sami and Rafe reuniting, but Sami continues wondering what EJ meant by Rafe lying to her. She uncovers that he and Daniel covered for Nicole, and is mad that he told Carrie and not her. She tells him she needs a break. Rafe, thinking she is done with him, seeks comfort in Nicole, who has lost Daniel to Billie (though Billie leaves town and Dannifer reunites weeks later). Nicole and Rafe continue bonding, and Sami bonds with Lucas. Rafe and Nicole are upset when they see Lucas and Sami flirting and almost kissing in the HTS Cafe, and Lumi embrace before Rafe and Nikki call them out. Sami tells Rafe that she and Lucas are only friends, but calls out him and Nicole for "being together", though Rafe informs her otherwise. EJ is thrown in jail for his crimes, but his fatha pays the judge so he will be out after 7 months. Nicole is thankful to Rafe for putting EJ away, and the two almost kiss. They realize it is wrong though, as he still wants Sami. Nicole and Rafe (separately) talk to their pal Daniel about how they can't stop thinking about the almost-kiss, and Daniel tells them (separately) that they are in love. The two confess their feelings and kiss on the pier, which Sami witnesses, and calls them out. She tells EJ in the jail, and he confronts Nicole and Rafe when they visit him. Sami reunites with Lucas to make Rafe jealous, but is mad that Rafe continues making out with Nikki and courting her, bringing her on dates at the pub. Sami learns eventually that Rafe and Nicole have slept together, and she tells EJ. EJ is furious, but comes up with a scheme. Carrie has a miscarriage in Switzerland, and also loses her job. Hearing that Rafe reunited with Sami and is now with Nicole, she stuffs away her love for him and wants to make it work with loving Austin. But EJ has one of his men tell Austin that Carrie only stayed with him because she was pregos. Austin is mad and divorces Carrie, who returns to Salem. Everyone is mad at EJ for his schemes, but Nicole realizes that EJ was doing this so he could win her back. She realizes that she never stopped loving EJ, and decides to re-marry EJ, ending things with Rafe, but still being his friends. Sami then goes back to Rafe, Lucas being upset that he was duped again. But Carrie and Lucas scheme to split the two apart, making Rafe and Sami angry at them. However, Rafe files for divorce, realizing that he never should have taken Sami back, as he was happier when he was with both Nicole and Carrie than when he was with her. He and Carrie get married and get pregnant with a girl, and they name her Nicole Grace Hernandez, and they decide to move to NYC (he got a job offer there once upon a time). Gabi ends up getting with Cameron, and they, too, leave for NYC. Jennifer and Daniel realize that they are bored in Salem, and leave town to be in Utah. Abigail gets back with Chad, Sami marries Lucas, and then they learn that Johnny is actually Lucas' child. They lose Countess W to Kate, but take back Hearth and Home. Melanie leaves Europe for Baltimore and marries Nathan, her one true love. They soon are expecting a baby boy that they will name Charles John Horton. They return to Salem and Melanie goes to medical school. They become the new Tom and Alice Horton.

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