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camera shy
Sep 30 2012, 09:13 AM
Sep 30 2012, 07:39 AM
I don't think the baby is dead--I just don't know who has the baby-- Nicole or EJ....The next question I have is Nicole and EJ the end game or is it Nicole and Eric? I keep thinking that whoever has the baby for the other, how do you get past that? They've only put out part of the spoilers, IMHO.....November is coming soon.
Hope got pass Bo covering for Chelsea in running their son down and kiliing him, Bo got pass Hope almost setting him on fire, Lucas got pass Sami lying for years that Will was Austin's son, Sami got pass Lucas almost letting her die in........well you get the idea. On Days, couples get pass things.
But see, to me, it would depend on who has the baby and the reaction depending on who the end game is-- Eric and Nicole or EJ and Nicole. The only way I could see this be accepting is if Eric helps Nicole through her anger since he's a man of God.

Either way, I think it could be good if written right. You have the actors who could make the phone book sound interesting and I really hope that you have people who can write this well. (not holding my breath on that one though)
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