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Sep 30 2012, 12:10 AM
Sep 29 2012, 11:03 PM
Dan has taken drastic measures. He's risking his career by perpetuating this lie and he's telling EJ to go to hell at every turn.

Does Stefano know this baby is his grandchild? We know the man in the coffin only looked like Stefano, but Ian had the "real" Stefano hidden away.

Lastly, had Nicole had her "regular" OBGYN doctor, which I assume is Dan or at least someone Dan knows at the hospital, she couldn't keep her "I'm still pregnant" secret could she. I'm thinking, no.

I don't know.
The thing is Shawn said in his interview (about two weeks ago) that Daniel in the coming months would go to extreme lengths to protect Nicole and her baby from the DiMeras. Now some people want to claim that Shawn doesn't know where we are in the story and that has already happened, but he could also know where we are in the story and it hasn't already happened. Monday we have Daniel coming up with some mysterious plan to protect Nicole and the baby, but we haven't learned what that plan is yet.
SC has a habit of saying a lot of crap that doesn't make sense in interviews - i.e., his own take on the situation rather than what's actually happening on screen. Like during the Chloe/Parker/one-night stand fiasco he kept saying that Daniel knew more than he let on, and he wasn't a dummy in the situation. What actually played out? Daniel had no idea what was going on and was a total dummy.

So...his extreme plan to protect Nicole may be that he's doing everything he can to keep Jennifer off the scent. That he's trying to protect Nicole and the baby that way - by guarding the paternity secret even from The Great Love of His Life.

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