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Sep 30 2012, 01:57 PM
Sep 30 2012, 08:13 AM
sami says done sounds so final i know you dont mean it that way
he says i do
she says we had an amazing time last night, this doesnt make any sense
somethings different
is it Lucas ?
Maybe its because i was with lucas and then Ej was circling around, but that didnt work out cuz
the person im supposed to be with is

he says it cant be me
its not like this is something that just came to me, i have been
thinking about this for a long time

they never miss opportunity to diss lucas and sami relationship in order to pimi rafe as sami true love :rolleyes: :shame:
I don't see it that way....I think she HAS to try to explain why she jumped from Lucas dick to Ej's lips to Rafe's lips in a matter of a month or so.....yeah, it might be wrong for her to say that 'the one I belong with is....' and the expected answer from her would be 'you Rafe' but as everything on a soap they are trying to tell that Safe reconcile story now...it might all change in 3 months....or not...who cares. At this point I'm just enjoying whatever Lucas I get and I'm happy with that for now....
Well in a way it is kind of consistent to how uncommitted Sami was to Lucas this last go around. She never told him she loved him after she lied that she did back when she cancelled his plane ticket to get him to stay. She took that back when he called her bluff but ever since then no ILYs from Sami to Lucas even though he was declaring his love regularly. Plus when Lucas came back, Sami was still hopeful she'd reunite with Rafe. Only when she found out that Rafe was in love with Carrie, she started to accept things were over and moved on with Lucas. I love Lumi but I know Sami wasn't into Lucas this time. It was a completely one sided reunion and it sucked. Now Sami sees she has a chance with Rafe again and she's going for it. It makes sense when you think about it since their relationship ended against her will because of her cheating on him. Anyway, fact is she loves Rafe and as long as Tomlin is writing this crap, she'll continue to love him. Meanwhile Lucas is still just as much the loser in love he was when MarDar wrote him throwing his fiancee away only to get hurt by Sami again. Tomlin isn't changing that obviously because he could care less about Lucas or his love life.
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