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Viewing Single Post From: Y&R: October Interesting/Spoilerish Tweets
Miss Rhi
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Michael Muhney ‏@michaelmuhney
I literally just heard this from my almost 5 yr old: "Dad, c'mere! I just took the giantest poo you ever saw. You've never seen poo so big!"

Michael Muhney ‏@michaelmuhney
RT @DDudash: who cares about ur kids poop. u r so gross. No one gives a damn about ur kids poop <U DON'T WANNA READ MY TWEETS? UNFOLLOW.

Michael Muhney ‏@michaelmuhney
I don't retweet people who ask. I don't tweet bdays. U can follow me or not. It's ur choice. I say what I want here. My twitter. My rules.

Michael Muhney ‏@michaelmuhney
I don't go to ur twitter page talking trash. So don't come to mine with ur grievances. Just don't read my tweets or follow me. #lifeis2short

Michael Muhney ‏@michaelmuhney
I love my life, my family, and my friends. To all the jerks out there: I suggest you get one... or all of the above.

Michael Muhney ‏@michaelmuhney
RT @TimCowlishaw: @michaelmuhney u need to learn the joy of the "block" key. <DAMN. I REALLY DO.

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