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Creators talking season two.


Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis talked to the LA Times about the show and what’s coming up.

AH: I’d say what you saw in the pilot and the premiere of Season Two is indicative of the themes of this season which is what will a parent do for her child? What is sacrifice? Season 1, you have a character, Emma, who has been alone. You see her blowing out a lonely candle on her birthday. Coming to the end of the season, where she makes a big leap of faith for her kid. And now in this season, we have that family and we’ll learn what it means to be a mother, to have a child.

EK: I think another big theme for Season 2 is identity. Everyone got their identity back at the end of last year, but now this curse, in a lot of ways, gives you a second chance. So for Leroy, who was Grumpy, it makes him remember he was Grumpy, but he was once Dreamy and who does he want to be now? The Evil Queen is broken. Last year she had a choice between saving her curse or saving her son and she chose saving her son. So now that her heart is back, what path does she take? Will Rumpel follow a path to redeem himself? Will he fall in love with Belle or will he once again make bad decisions? So Emma was the savior, but her job’s done, so what’s her identity now?

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