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Wow! Involving family in these types of shows really brings things to a boiling point.

I'm going to start this off by saying Teresa looked amazing tonight. Christmas pageant dress, or not. She was beautiful. There. Probably the only positive thing I can really say about Teresa after tonight's episode.

The video of Nicholas broke my heart. I felt so bad for Jacqueline as she broke down after watching. There is a big difference in what Jacqueline did in People Magazine and Teresa's multiple magazine features. Whether People pays for interviews or not, Jacqueline's feature in the magazine was positive because it brought attention to autism. Jacqueline wasn't badmouthing anyone. There weren't lies said. It was about her family's struggle. Nothing more. I can't believe people would even think to get on her about it.

Moving onto Caroline. I really don't like how she answers for other people, especially Jacqueline. She's been doing this since Season 1. She did it for Teresa, and she does it for Melissa and Kathy. I don't know if it's because Caroline thinks they're going to say something they don't mean to say, so she wants act as "training wheels," so to speak. I just don't think it's necessary. I was proud of Jacqueline that she kept speaking, even as Caroline spoke up.

Thank God for Lauren Manzo! Not only did she look amazing tonight, she O.W.N.E.D Teresa when she asked her to define napalm. Teresa couldn't even spell it! If that wasn't proof Teresa had others writer her blogs, I don't know what is. And I'll say Teresa didn't have every blog written by a ghostwriter. Once she was called out, her blogs started sounding like the nonsense that comes out of her mouth again. And don't get me wrong. There's nothing wrong with having someone write your blogs. But own it. Don't deny it with lie after lie after lie. Even NeNe Leakes admitted she had someone write her book back in Season 2. That's my biggest problem with Teresa. It's deflection after deflection. She doesn't own up to anything. If she's caught in a lie, she just moves to something else, which is probably just another lie. How do you not learn from past mistakes?

Teresa calling Melissa and Kathy out on copying her with the eye shadow and then things Teresa has said in the past just shows what an idiot Teresa is. First of all, thank God for Andy Cohen bringing this up on WWHL, giving us side by side shots of tonight's reunion and last year's reunion. Melissa's eye shadow looks nothing like Teresa's from last year. She's wearing the same shit she wore last year! And then I honestly believe Teresa thought Kathy was trying to steal her quote. It was very obvious that Kathy was mocking Teresa and making fun of her. But she's so stupid she doesn't even get it!

And if that wasn't enough, then things got real ugly! I've said it from the first time we saw Kathy and Teresa interact. There is more to these two cousins than meets the eye. This is a hatred that goes back deep and is very rooted in family. Tonight was evidence of that for sure. As usual, when Teresa is backed up against the wall with FACTS, she has to pull out some bullshit and attack personally. Now we have no idea if Kathy and Richie ever discussed divorce in the past. Not sure why that was even brought up to begin with. But anything and everything will come out of Teresa's mouth. No surprise there. But if you notice, it wasn't until Teresa brought her own mother into the conversation did Kathy have anything to say about her. Even if Teresa's mother did tell Teresa that Kathy and Richie were going to get a divorce in the past, why in the world would a daughter bring that up in a conversation with another family member? She's a fucking moron, that's why! She paints herself like an idiot every time she opens her mouth.

Next, Kathy calls Teresa's mother a fucking liar. Well, I don't know if I'd ever tell a cousin that his or her mother is a fucking liar, but then again, if said cousin was coming at me and attacking me personally about something like my marriage, and then said his or her mother told him or her about it, then I might have to call my aunt a fucking liar.

We already know there is bad blood between Teresa's parents and Kathy's parents. And that is the obvious reason why Teresa and Kathy don't get along. Nothing else makes sense. No other minor bullshit that's happened between Teresa and Kathy since Kathy joined the show could be the reason for why these two women are at odds with each other. It's the family drama that pulled these two cousins apart. Obviously.

Caroline's reaction to Teresa switching couches was priceless! "Hey buddy." LOL!

And then to end things, shit really hit the fan when Teresa brought up Kathy's father. And then Teresa supporters are going to say Kathy insulted Teresa's mother first. Puh-lease! I already said I don't think Kathy should've called Teresa's mother a "fucking liar." Perhaps just a liar if anything. But it was obvious Kathy was upset. And then there's Teresa, who just always has to go a step further, bringing up Kathy's deceased father. Again, we have no idea what exactly has happened between the two sets of parents, but it's obvious there is some serious tension. Teresa made it sound like Kathy's father wasn't there as a father, and Kathy and her siblings had to rely on Teresa's dad instead. And that was all she wrote. Kathy went off! And I believe she just secured her place for Season 5, that's for sure.

And then there's ROSIE! Here, I thought that was Joe Gorga screaming in the background, but it's Rosie. What a scary bitch! I would be petrified if I was Teresa.

Next week looks like it gets even more personal with Jacqueline bring up Joe Giudice's affair.
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