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"Relax nobody's having sex.... at least not yet"

Why the hell does Kathy and her animalistic chub of a sister think it's okay for Kathy to rag on Theresa's mother, but God forbid Theresa say anything about their father? And for Rosie to threaten Theresa with death and they don't arrest her ass for terroristic threatening is beyond me. I think lines were crossed and Kathy showed her true fat ass tonight. She can take her fucked up face and plant it.

Did Caroline let anyone answer for themselves? She is an old hag bully.

I'm so sure that Lauren knew what napalm was before she looked it up. Please child, sit down and shut up. This was like watching a middle school fight. Stupid. And WTF at her bringing Gia into it? She needs to STFU and mind her business. I don't care how old I am, my mother would never let me talk to one of her friends or former friends. She needs to shut her ass up.

Jac is full on mental. She needs rehab and therapy, and she needs to get off of the show and off of Twitter, and start focusing on her kids. It's too late for Ashley/ee, but the other two are young enough to still have a chance. I also wanted to add that Jac is extra special disgusting for swearing on her "child who has autism". Blech.

From the previews, I really can't believe Jacqueline said "you told me you walked in on Joe and another woman" to Teresa. To quote Teresa, are you kidding me??? It is so low to take something a friend shares privately in confidence when you were close friends and use it as a weapon on national television now that you aren't friends. That's just a basic code of friendship.

Someone PLEASE get a glass of water for Kathy. She is so thirsty for relevance and attention it is hilarious. It was probably a last ditch effort to get a HW for Season 5 and I hope it failed. I have never seen such an insignificant HW on any franchise ever. GO AWAY!
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