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BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL: It's an end to an era or even more when Susan Flannery does her final scenes. Get the Kleenex out people because it is a real tear jerker. Stephanie's cancer returns and who is there for her in her time of need...Brooke!!! This is how Brad will pass the torch from one actress to another. Insiders tell me that Brooke makes a confession to Stephane that it is not the Forrester name she has wanted all along but the love and support of the Forrester woman, Stephanie in particular.....What of the new Ridge? Is it going to be Ronn Moss, or will we see the new Ridge? Get ready to gaze upon gorgeous as the new 'Ridge' will be up and coming on our screens in less than a month. Brad isn't waiting around and the time limit for Ronny has run out. That is, of course, you suspect what many do, that this is all a nice little diversion, a sneaky little PR stunt by both Brad and Ronn to get some interest going. Or maybe you believe that Ronn did in fact play chicken with Brad only to lose, but will be coming back at the very last second on behalf of his 'fans' who want him to take on the roll again? Well, there's one person, a surprising one, that has made it clear that no tears are going to be shed if Ronn decides it ain't happening and a new Ridge is filmed and shown. Katherine Kelly Lang. Yep, she's already told Brad she's not doing Bridge minus Ronn Moss, but she has no problems with Brooke meeting and falling for a new man and in fact is looking forward to it.

YOUNG & THE RESTLESS: Did you know that Kristoff St. John was up for the role of Morgan in "Criminal Minds" against Shemar More? St John says "It was down to four. I remember telling Shemar, “This is it! This is the Willy Wonka Golden Lottery Ticket! Take this seriously.” He was like, “I don’t know about this. The script isn’t great. I don’t know if this is my kind of role.” And I said, “Shit, I’ll take it!” I knew this show was going to be a big hit. Would I have liked to have jumped ship? Hell, yeah! That’s every actor’s dream: work five to eight years on a hit show and then, after it goes off the air, you watch the checks pile up for next ten to fifteen years. Win some, loose some......Now that Diasy has been released from Fairview, the question is who signed her out? We still have no idea who the woman was at Ricky's funeral. Some are hearing Isabella may be back and out for revenge.....Christine and Danny vow to prove Paul's innocence but in the interim of discovering more evidence the two end up in bed together again. I am hearing it won't just be an affair this time and they may even have a future together but at this point the main focus is on Paul......Are you enjoying the new opening credits? As we can see who is staying from the newest photos but who elese will be around to take their head shot for the credits?

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