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GENERAL HOSPITAL: Steve Burton filmed his final scenes and it was a sad day for cast and crew. A cake and lots of hugs and kisses were in order and many tears as well espcially from Haley who had to get "one more hug from our favorite mob enforcer and whos got one of the biggest hearts of anyone Ive ever met." says Pullos. As for Jason's finale there are several scenerios I am hearing. Will Jason get Sam's baby back before he leaves Port Charles? Or will Jason go missing with no body of course! What I have heard is that Heather confesses to changing the test but she's such a nutcase that noone knows if she's telling the truth or not. Will Jason finally know he is the baby's biological father? Jason and Sam talk about it and Jason says the baby is his no matter what!. Sam is convinced its true. They are hopeful. Jason 'dies' (or so we are lead to believe) before its confirmed. Sam will get confirrmation the week after. What I can say is that Sam will have a melt down after Jason is gone. Her baby will be the only thing that keeps her in check from all the sadness but definitely great material for Kelly. AJ will be back just in time when Sam is completely vulnerable. What happened to Jason no one knows but the door is left open for his return.....Johnny's lies take their toll on Carly who realizes he had something to hide and Connie knew what. But it's Todd's dastardly deeds that leave Carly numb. Carly will end things with Johnny. Maxie and Johnny have something coming up, not romantic and at this point Maxie doesn't know about Johnny's secrets......Sonny is out for blood as he realizes Joe Jr was behind Kristina's disappearance. He decides it's time Joe Jr is taken care of. Kristina pleads with her father to reconsider for Trey's benefit. Michael attempts to talk sense into his father pointing out the danger of making a rash decision. Is this the end of Joe Scully Jr?...... Get ready because Duke is coming and then we will know what his intentions are and why he did what he did. I hear we are all going to be very surprised at who Sabrina is connected to in Port Charles. Duke perhaps? Whether she is or not all I was told is that its going to be a 'never saw that one coming' surprise.......What if Jax finds out Robin is alive and keeps the secret to make a deal?

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