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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

This is my favorite show on TV at the moment. It's amazing.

Never thought they'd reveal that Victoria was alive this quickly....but it's a good twist that Charlotte told Emily.

I agree with whomever said that Amanda's kid is probably Emily's trainer's new helper.

I love the way the show opens with a flash forward. Just like last season..it sets the season up for some pretty powerful reveals later. Obviously what we see underwater is that someone has blown up the Amanda (Jack/Declen's Boat)....and we have a body in it....it would really shock me if Jack was dead or Declen but obviously I don't expect that to happen.....maybe someone insignificant like whomever REALLY got Amanda pregnant, especially if we see in a few months that the person is about to come clean to Jack or Emily or someone....

I expect a lot of twist and turns this season...oh and the episode two trailer is wicked....would Emily REALLY go there and kidnap/kill Charlotte? I doubt she'd kill her but kidnapping her? I think so....
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