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Oct 1 2012, 07:02 AM
Sep 28 2012, 07:29 PM
5)In her defence... don't get too excited...in her little defence.... I do believe a person can find true love more than once in their lifetime... so Dan might be it, its just the fact that he saved her life was so undramatic, it doesn't come close to what the real Jennifer should have felt for Jack Deveraux, when he came home and needed her to help him get through a rough time in his life. FYI... Jack saved Jennifer more times than I can count and now I firmly believe, more times than he should have.
I agree about a person finding true love again but not a month after the love of their life died. And not when she just spent months proclaiming her love to Jack & acting like Daniel didn't exist. And I get tired of hearing how Daniel saved her life. He's a doctor, he was doing his job and unlike Jack he never risked his life for Jennifer. Jack has risked life, multiple times. A few times too many.
More than that, Jack risked his life to save their daughter. He made the ultimate sacrifice, giving up his own life to ensure Abigail's survival (leaving aside for a moment that it was a sacrifice that wouldn't have been necessary if Jennifer and Cameron hadn't both been thoughtless and careless about holding the doors open a second longer). I can't believe Jen-Jen places more stock on Dr. Wipeout doing his job than on Jack rescuing their firstborn.
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