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camera shy

Oct 1 2012, 09:55 AM
camera shy
Oct 1 2012, 09:39 AM
I saw another spoiler that implys the baby's death is out in the open. And why would Nicole need to lie about Jennifer's role in the baby's death when she might have played a role by giving stressing her out by figthing with her in public. And the next day she has her doctor's apt where she is given the bad news. Who's to say that fight with Jennifer wasn't responsible? All Nicole would have to do is tell Daniel about the fight and he might think it played a part in her losing the baby.....if she does lose it.
I haven't seen the other spoiler - do you have a link to it?

As far as why Nicole would feel compelled to lie about Jennifer's duplicity - I think she'll be determined to make people 'pay' for her grief and anger and she'll direct it toward Jennifer. We'll have to see how the scenes play out but Nicole was told early on that it wasn't an issue with her getting pregnant but whether she'd be able to carry a baby to term - so if the MD tells her the baby didn't make it as a result of whatever her issue is with carrying a child I could see her deciding she wants to force everyone to think Jennifer is the cause even though Nicole would know that's not true. And just the fact that they were fighting wouldn't get the same reaction from Daniel (and Jennifer and everyone else) as staging some sort of accident caused by Jennifer.
It's at Days Cafe, something about Nicole's lose effects many. And Stefano wanting to be there for EJ.
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