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:frustration: I just can't believe that these writers have a job at all, or better yet that Corday keeping firing and rehiring the same writers. Jesus man learn your lesson and put an add out for new writers no experince necessary just a good imagination. Obviously the ones he has may have the experience but since they are unemployed when he rehires them says something.

On the Nicole front, I've hated that from day one of her pregnancy her story has NOT been about her, it's about SAFE, EJami, Cafe, Dannifer, give me a friggin break. The whole thing is pukeworthy. Nicole is continually used by these writers as the go to girl for interloper, not fair to the character, and to once again make her lose a baby just shows me that Day's deosn't care about the viewers or want we think it's all about them pushing couples with NO chemistry by telling us day in and day out about all the chemistry. Like someone else said if you have to actually say it, then it's not showing up on screen.

I hope Nicole's baby lives and I truly hope they get her the hell away from the idiots they have her surrounded by obviously none care about her as a person. :shame:
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