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Sep 28 2012, 04:16 AM
I don't understand being appalled that Rafe and Gabi aren't paying for their crimes while admitting that the Dimeras lately have gotten away with every evil act they've pulled with no remorse and no retribution.

The only thing that sickens me is this show continuing to ignore justice for victims unless they are Dimeras.

Jennifer/Abby should be in this story. They should be fighting tooth and nail to bring justice for Jack. Will should go to Lucas with his concern for Gabi and Lucas should be pissed because he almost died. This story could be an unbrella story instead of a "trial" for Safe and Nabi.
I'm appalled that Rafe/Gabi get away with their crimes on the front that NO one seems to know or find out about them. They sit up on the pedastol Tomlin has made for them and hypocritically tell others they are bad people. Rafe for instance led a one man brigade to bring Nicole to justice for kidnapping yet he was basically doing the same thing with Grace with the illegal adoption papers. Not even counting when Sami shot EJ in the head and he a police officer covered the whole thing up.

Gabi is now getting the same thing the only people who know what she did will never tell the rest of Salem and have Gabi look bad for putting into effect the situation that killed two people. With the lack of that age group females and the fact the she's already laying into Chad for Nick, basically says Abby will stay friends with the girl who caused her fathers death AND never know it.

On the DiMera fron all of Salem always know what they did they just always get away with it on technicalities, or that the Brady PD did something to polute the case.

I do agree though that this could have been a great umbrella story for many storylines, but they never go that route, they'd rather continue to push NONE chemistry couples and tell us daily how great they are. :blah: :blah:
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