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Sep 30 2012, 10:25 PM
Did anyone watch the premiere? It was pretty good. The stuff in the airport was silly but it was heads and tails above the ridiculousness of last season. Still, the fact that Dexter would go out of his way to kill another victim when he's already under so much suspicion is dumb. It's plot holes like these that make it impossible to take this show seriously anymore.

I'm glad the writers didn't dumb Deb down and have her believe Dexter's story. I thought for sure they were going to drag it out by having her be braindead all season so the fact that she figured it all out by the end of the first episode was a pleasant surprise.

The next few episodes look good judging by the trailer. I'm cautiously optimistic.
Would you recommend checking out the premiere? I held off because I feel like the show jumped the shark big time last season. I feel like Deb in love with Dexter and Deb not busting Dexter on the spot is just too much for me to accept...
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