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^ My face watching DAYS

Oct 1 2012, 04:47 PM
the only thing worth watching in this is the part where Nicole calls Jennifer a bitch. The rest is one big bore fest.
It was VERY satisfying....the whole time I was wishing Nicole would slap that bitches face in...with a knife!

Jennifer calling Nicole a "stupid bitch" was incredibly hypocritical.

Whoever this blond cunt is, its not Jennifer Rose Horton Deveraux...THAT much is true.

The rest of this episode was MIND NUMBINGLY boring...Sami "cuddling" on EJ was just...oh my god..SO OVER this crap. Absolutely PATHETIC characters, both of them...how anyone can root for them is beyond all comprehension at this point.

This is the worst DAYS has ever been IMO...THE WORST...scarfmance/chloe the hooker included.

Also it is SO OBVIOUS now that Higley was NOT the problem with this show, it was CLEARLY Tomlin...Higley was totally scapegoated by all of us as the major problem with this show...now that Tomlin is back, its just painfully obvious we were ALL wrong.....we pushed for the wrong person to be fired back during 2010/2011.
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