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LOL Roxy turned into a trainwreck. Angie isn't much better. UGH. I LOVE Malcolm and Denise still. They're great and Denise is awesome. I agree she reminds me of Helen, but a little bit less ridgid.

Looks like Lisa makes a comeback next week. Nice. I like Skupin's tribe. Wild cards.

Did they put Penner with the most boring tribe ever on purpose? Just so they could feature him the entire time they show his tribe? Oh, the other alpha male, Jeff, of COURSE got more airtime discussing his knee. Zzzz. We get it dude. You got hurt. I figured Katie and Carter would be snoozeville. Dawson doesn't seem boring but maybe all the rain led to a lack of confessionals? I mean at least 7 people had 0. That's just beyond terrible.

So far, I still like this season. Abi-Maria is a loon. I can't peg RC. I don't know about her yet. Reminds me of Eliza. Pete's hot. That's all I got on him.
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