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Oct 1 2012, 04:58 PM
camera shy
Oct 1 2012, 04:44 PM
Is it just lazy writting that they have EJ and Nicole mirroring one another in their actions? Rafe tells EJ he's broken things off with Sami, he makes some little remark to himself about Sami needing comforting and gleefully heads over to her place. Gabi tells Nicole that Melanie has left town, Nicole makes some little remark to herself about Daniel needing comforting and she gleefully heads over to his place. Why are they writting Nicole and EJ exactly the same way?
Because in Tomlin's world EJ and Nicole are the perennial tools used for stirring shit up for their 'chosen' pairings. They did it with Nicole and Brady/Arianna and then again when they were so determined that EJ/Taylor would be the next great love story. And they've done it with EJ versus Safe for...ever.

In Tomlin's small mind the 'bad' guys are cartoonish and can never win and the 'good' guys are untouchable. Even when they give them angst it's short lived and half hearted.
you know i was a lucas/sami fan but i remeber when they gave them angst they was usually seperated for months before they ended up back together why are they so afraid to give safe real angst
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