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^ My face watching DAYS

So glad Roxy got the boot...what a jealous bitch....she added NOTHING to their tribe at all, except for a sour bitch attitude...she was just as (even more) useless as Angie is...but at least Angie is something to look at, haha.

Cannot stand Russell, he is so annoying. Like Denise/Malcolm.

Abi-Maria = Psycho...wow...paranoid WAY to soon. Skupin is hard to watch with all his injuries...seriouslt WTF is wrong with that dude.

I like RC. Her and Abi-Maria are 100% going to be in a screaming bitch match at some point. The other tribe, with the other returnee = forgettable.

And I agree...can the millionaire baseball player STFU about his knee already...we get it dude...shut up or GO HOME!
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