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Oct 2 2012, 02:38 AM
Oct 1 2012, 05:52 AM
And as for Kathy and Rosie going off on Teresa, I think the big difference is that Kathy's father is dead. There's no need to bring him up. Teresa obviously knew that was a touchy subject, so she went there to one up Kathy for calling her mother a "fucking liar." Typical Teresa. Teresa's mother is still alive, and whether she's telling lies about Kathy's marriage or not, she's able to defend herself. Kathy's dad isn't. I think that's really what set Kathy and then Rosie off.
She also referred to Teresa's father as a "fucking coward" for no apparent reason.
She called Teresa's dad a "fucking coward" because Teresa said Kathy wouldn't call Teresa's mom a "fucking liar" in front of Teresa's dad. Kathy said she would. She tried to speak to both of them, and Teresa's dad refused to speak to her. And that's why she called him a "fucking coward." Again, we already know there is terrible bad blood between Teresa and Kathy's parents. Both sets of parents should be off limits. But give it to Teresa to bring her mother into it. Why the fuck was Mrs. Gorga even there?
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