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Oct 2 2012, 06:01 AM
Sep 29 2012, 04:18 PM
Dear Mr Corday
I'm sorry that I am no longer watching Days. I know it's your show and you can do what you want with it but killing off my favourite character to advance the prospects of possibly the most boring pairing in history makes it impossible for me to enjoy your show. Ejami fans are also feeling upset that their preferred pairing is once again on the sidelines and pretty soon Peter Reckell fans will be giving up as well. I know you would rather I threw my sandwiches at the screen but bread is too expensive and it's easier to just turn the t.v. off and go for a walk. Maybe when Days is cancelled you would like to join me? I'm sure you don't mind me quitting as you have been given plenty of feedback from myself and others about our feelings and yet you still have chosen to go this route, so I'll go my way and you keep going yours.
No hard feelings and thanks for the last 25 years
Yours Sincerely
P.S. Dead babies - even if they're temporary - don't entertain me either.
and what lumi fans are chop liver lucas treat as no exist not only to sami but to his chlidren

i get really annoyed to hear on 100 times like that fans that want ej and sami the only one that get screw in show
ej is the most used character on show in the last 6 years and apparently the only allow to wear suits and yes the show favor rafe over ej but it seem the show favor ej over other characters on show
and there nothing different in the writing for ej and sami that been in 6 years compare to the past it less bad writing

john and marlena are barely use and when they are they not seem allow to have scenes together and the show treat bo and hope fans when they brought carly i have no faith jarlena fans will get good treatment when they bring kristen
the over foucs the show on ej and rafe what killing the show
Yeah, if there is anything I can put my money on is that ALL fans get screwed over...we just have to wait our turn. Ejami fans have gotten 2 children, a wedding and 6 years worth of stories revolving around their favorites. They have been front and center all this time, with enough airtime to last us a life time. Characters have been sacrificed for them for years. I think we as fans should all be happy with what we get because we don't know when our favorites might be shown the door. I know you and I lived through that, I'd rather have Lucas and Sami apart, as enemies, or friends, or lovers, with kids and in story than to have my favorites not shown, shoved to back burn or shipped out of town.
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