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This guy is very hot in an underwear model kind of way. I can definitely see why other people start panting, but I'm ambivalent. Cameron did not need to be re-cast in my opinion. Both the character and the actor were growing on me until he was made to do a complete 180 and dump Abigail right after her father's death. Maybe they're planning to re-shape him as a stud who's also kind of a jerk and that's why they thought this guy was more appropriate. (Like we need another sex hungry male doctor on this show. I'm pretty sure Daniel has cornered the market.) I guess we'll see...I don't want to judge a book by its cover so I'll give him a chance. I can see why Tomsell are bringing in someone who is transparently meant to be eye candy - they need to rope in viewers and they're hoping this will help them do that. Maybe while they're at it they should, oh I don't know, do some soul-searching about their storytelling? Bringing in eye candy with the hope that it will make up for the current direction (or lack thereof) is a bit like putting a Band Aid on a broken arm...
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