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Oct 2 2012, 01:35 AM

Caroline can bring Gia into things (last reunion) and Lauren can bring Gia into things...but Teresa can't bring the Manzo kids into it.

Kathy can attack Teresa's parents...and their character...but Teresa can't say that her dad was there for Kathy more than her own dad was (because he's dead.)

Everyone can attack Joe Giudice...for EVERYTHING, but Teresa can't attack Richie.

Melissa is allowed to make a mistake and talk to Danielle Staub and be a shit stirrer, but Teresa can't make a mistake by shit talking about her to the other girls, who were her best friends at the time.

Caroline can attack how Teresa looks, but Teresa can't attack how Caroline looks.

Richie can talk smack on Teresa and throw her cookbook in the garbage, but Joe can't talk shit about Melissa and her singing.
The children, all of them, should be off limits. That said Lauren didn't say anything about Gia that Gia herself didn't say in the show. The one I really feel horrible for is Gabriella, the one she never gives any attention to.

The stuff with the parents is typical family squabbling. It's never going to be logical, even, or rational. But Teresa was the first one to pull them into it in an attempt to trash Kathy's marriage (which was unnecessary, but standard Teresa trying to deflect her problems onto others). She shouild have fought her own fight.

I don't think anyone's said anything about Richie. But even if they have until he starts drunk driving, stealing people's money, and comits countless acts of fraud I don't think the two are even in the same league.

Melissa is a shit stirrer.

Disliking a dress and talking about someone's weight are not on the same level. And Teresa was completely out of line for implying people getting lap band / gastric surgery are lazy.
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