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Oct 1 2012, 11:24 PM
Aw, really?

Why? Judi and Wally are terrific, and it's a shame not to utilize them more. Why not use them instead of the Cameron character, who hasn't really caught on with the majority of the audience? Or they can let go of Daniel. Shawn Christian's not a terrible actor or anything, but the writers have made mistake after mistake after mistake with the writing for Daniel, and the character's not well thought of.

Furthermore, does anyone REALLY believe, given Daniel's fickle nature, that he's TRULY devoted to Jennifer?

Come on. The minute he broke up with her before, he did a little sulking in the morning and then started making eyes at Nicole in the afternoon. He doesn't REALLY care. If Jen were to turn away, his attention and his eyes would wander in a heartbeat. That's just Daniel. He's kinda worthless that way.

I'd never trust him to really love anyone for longer than it would take for him to brush his teeth.

That's why I wish they'd cut their losses with the character.

Because they're on recurring status. They're not going to be used more unless that changes. Recurring doesn't have to mean nothing of substance but it does mean nothing much of substance. And it's not like they're interchangeable with Cameron. Considering how they're being used, they're more interchangeable with Lucas and Sami.
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