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Y&R will probably make two or three sets out of the old set.
I certainly wont miss that set.
For the Newmans who are suppose to be super rich, one would expect the place would be redecorated several times - to at least match each decade. For instance in the 80s they would have 80s chic. The 90s would see some Feng shui and the 2000s would have seen some contemporary styles.
The furniture and set probably still smell like the 70s.

I'm with you. I certainly won't miss the Newman Ranch sets at all. I think they are dirty and antiquated. I'm sure this will save lots of money in the budget and they will be able to have money to build and revamp other sets that are needed on Y&R. I hope the new sets will look as good as the ones on Bold and the Beautiful. This is a much needed change in my opinion.

the Ranch will not be rebuilt, Nikki and Victor move to the penthouse because the do not have the money to rebuild the ranch. I am hoping all the houses on the ranch go up in flames. I don't think it will be Sharon's intention, but I think the tack house and the shack Sharon lives in go up in flames also.

Thanks for the info. Whatever happens I'll always root for Sharon on Y&R. If all of this comes to pas then it will be good to see the super hypocritical and egotistical characters of Victor, Nikki, Nick, and Victoria suffer some real loss after all of the nefarious shenanigans they have consistently put others through.
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