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Oct 2 2012, 10:35 AM
The Manzo kids ARE lazy!!!!

They don't have jobs.

Lauren quit her make-up job literally the day after the grand opening until Mommy could buy her her own shop.

Albie couldn't finish law school...or be a cop...until Uncle Chris gave him his own company.

The kids are WASTES.

And Jac sounds like such a moron being SO PROUD of Ashley just for having one. "Ashley has a job. I'm so proud." Disregard the fact that she's a horrible human being, a huge bitch, looks like a freak, has no values at all, hates her mom, hates her brother etc. etc. "SHE HAS A JOB! YAY!" Jac is crazy.
LOL I laughed when Lauren was like "SO Chris didnt work at the Brownstone? Albie didn't have a..... job?" This girl had no argument. :mellow:

Teresa also clarified her lap band comment saying Lauren doesn't need a lap band at age 24 and at 185 pounds to only lose 30 pounds. She is right. I do not know how she got approved for one but that sure is lazy.
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