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This isn't really a spoiler but Big Easy finds some loving on this season and according to his twitter, it is an ongoing relationship. I love Big Easy and always felt bad for him since his team left him on Gauntlet 3. Also because that bitch Laurel was so mean to him. I forget who it is with though and if it actually started on the challenge or not.
Oh yay! That's nice! :)

I never really loved or hated Big Easy before, but I felt SO BAD when Laurel bitched him out and called him names. UGH! And I am really supporting Eric's tries to lose weight and be more fit.
From what I understand, he has lost like 80 pounds and he has done it in a healthy way. He has always been best friends with Katie, who I also love. I can still remember, I think it was in the Inferno, when she was up against either Julie or Tonya and they were on a treadmill and she demanded her cigarettes. She smoked and actually won.

I do not think we will ever see Evan or Kenny on a challenge again. Most of the women won't go on them if they are on there, especially after Tonya's lawsuit. Derrick, another one of my favorites won't even comment on it.

Derrick has a podcast discussing the Challenge and last year he did like a poll on who the best Challenge players were. The fans voted and Landon, The Miz, CT and Derrick were 1-4. Laurel and Rachel were 1 and 2 for the women. Personally, I voted for Ruthie for the best female.

Did you know that CT and the guy from the first Seattle season who dated the casting director were cousins?
I remember that Katie moment!! It was against Julie. It was great! LOL I love Katie too. She's such a little firecracker.

If we never see Kenny or Evan again, I'll be thrilled! Wish we could add Johnny to the bunch, although Johnny is bearable when he's not around Kenny and Evan.

I will have to listen to Derrick's podcasts. Is there like an archive somewhere? I'm not the biggest Derrick fan. I love him one season and totally annoyed by him the next. LOL

I like that Landon, Miz, CT and Derrick were in the top. I pretty much love all of them. I was afraid that Kenny/Evan/Johnny were the most popular people among the fans. I also love Abe a lot.
As for the girls, Laurel and Rachel are great challenge-wise, but I have a love/hate relationship with them. Hated Laurel when she was a bitch to Big Easy and also on Fresh Meat 2 when she said Carley didn't deserve her win (?!). But I loved her on Rivals when she stood up for Cara after Wes and Paula bullied her. I love Coral. Wish she would come back.

Really? Was his name David something? I would have never guessed it! But nice trivia! :D

Do you maybe know any good Challenge website?

Great spoiler site. I already know who wins. It sounds like it is going to be a fantastic season. They even have screenshots of the challenges.
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