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Oct 2 2012, 12:55 PM
Oct 2 2012, 12:28 PM
Oct 2 2012, 12:25 PM
Again, Tomlin proves he doesn't understand why characters fail; Cameron isn't failing because he isn't hot enough, he is failing because he is one note and boring as shit.

Didn't we do the same thing with Arianna and Taylor? Yes, I think we did and the reception for those characters did not change.
I actually liked both less after the recasts, lol.
I definitely preferred Natalia as Taylor #2 as I felt the original integrity of Taylor #1 was kept in tact, however I loved Lindsay Hartley as Arianna, from the moment the character was announced I hoped Hartley would eventually end up in the role.
I'm still mourning the loss of Lindsay - adore her. When Taylor showed up last go around, I found Natalia very annoying and almost looked forward to the re-cast with Tamara. But then Tamara showed up and I hated Taylor even more and wished they'd stuck with Natalia. So I think that was just one big character/storyline fail and it was probably became unsalvageable shortly after they unveiled it. I still chuckle at the thought that we were supposed to buy Tamara as younger-looking than Ari. Tamara cannot do young, idealistic roles like Saint Taylor (she who volunteered in orphanages and had a social conscience all while dating a pimp). What a spectacular misfire all around - oh, the memories. :laugh:
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