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Oct 2 2012, 02:27 PM
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I like the idea of Brady/Abby in theory, because of Jack and Isabella's friendship and because of Jennifer and Isabella being pregnant at the same time. That's all rather sweet. The problem is that Brady's been SORASed to be around forty.
Brady used to be just a bit older than Chloe & the other teens of yesteryear, but now i'm not sure if he's supposed to be older or younger than Sami.
I think Chloe, Philip, Brady, Nicole, EJ and Sami are all around the same age. I believe Lucas, Rafe, Austin and Carrie are in the same age group.
I love trying to figure out characters ages lol.
Sami was 17 in 1994 so if that is kept in tact, Sami should be turning 35 this October, since Will was just mentioned as being 18 (and should turn 19 in Nov), this would work well with the new idea that Sami had Will at 16 instead of 18 (as we saw onscreen). Lucas should be about 2 years older at 37. When Belle was SORAS it seemed Belle was aged to about 5-7 years younger than Sami and at one time Belle mentioned Jan pullling Belle's hair in kindergarden and having to stop Sami from beating her up (Inconsistent with maintaining the story of Sami kidnapping Belle at 15 lol). Belle was 18 in 2002 so she should be 28 now if that is consistent. I would guess Brady is now approximately about 2-3 years younger than Sami and 2-3 years older than Belle despite him referring to himself as Sami's "older brother".

My Best Attempt at Age Groups:

42-45: Jennifer born in 1976 but aged to 15/16 in 1985 I believe
40-42: Billie, Dan, Austin,
37-39: Lucas, Carrie, Rafe
33-35: Sami, Eric, Nicole, EJ???
31-33: Brady
28-30: Chloe, Phillip, Belle, Shawn
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