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Bring back Jack!

Oct 2 2012, 03:37 PM
Oct 2 2012, 03:28 PM
I don't know how anyone would ever be OK with their mother having feelings for another man ONE month after their father died..whilst saving said daughter's life. How can Abby be OK with this and actually believe Jennifer could move on so quickly? To me that suggests she didn't really love him that much afterall. But I guess again they're going with the no conflict for Dannifer. Because after this whole baby mess is cleared up and Jennifer is seen as a saint again they'll be living happily ever after with no storyline. Poor Jack..and Nicole's baby killed off for nothing.
I've thought Abbys been out of character for awhile now she was a big daddys girl
Oh I know. But they seemed to be close again by the time he died. How could she pimp her mother onto another man within a matter of weeks. They keep saying they're grieving and now Abby thinks her mother has feelings for another man and is OK with it. And it most definitely is disloyal to Jack considering the lack of mourning being done. I'm sure if Jack was watching on he wouldn't be perfectly fine seeing how little Jennifer apparently meant to him. I know he'd want her happiness first (he always did) but it's too soon for anyone to be ready to move on to another relationship or to be over the death of their (ex) husband.
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