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Why do they keep harping on Daniel "saving Jennifer's life" (by doing his job). Jack saved her life tons of times. I wish someone would actually remember that the person who should be remembered right now because he saved someone's life is Jack..you know the man who gave up his life for his daughter. Are they deliberately trying to antagonise by referencing this and ignoring that what Jack did was actually heroic.
IMO Tomsell were pissed that MarDar gave Jack a heroic death because it makes Dannifer so much harder to sell so they are deliberately ignoring how he died. That, and the fact that they hate Jack fans.
But didn't Tomsell write Jack's death? I thought the aftermath of the Daysaster was all them. Maybe MarDar were going to have Jack save Abby and be the hero - and survive (had he and they not been fired).
MA said marDar wrote the elevator scenes.
The cast cuts were under the new regime though. And the aftermath of the Daysaster (e.g. the deaths) were decided by TomSell and not MarDar. Madison was a MarDar creation, you can be certain it wasn't their decision to get rid of one of their own. If MarDar wrote the scenes, they were told what to write t wrap up their stuff, and transition to the new writers' stuff.
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